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Stand With Tina

One brave public official has finally stepped forward to blow the whistle on the lack of transparency and security in our elections—and the Left is determined to take her down. Tina needs your help today.


Tina Peters is the courageous County Clerk of Mesa County, Colorado, in charge of the county’s elections. After hundreds of citizens brought her their experiences of significant election irregularities, she became deeply concerned about the security of the last election. Her pursuit of answers has been met with powerful resistance—and Democrat-controlled federal, state and local governments are coming after her—hard.

Tina is the epitome of the American patriot. She is a cancer survivor and a Gold Star mom, whose 27-year-old son was a brave Navy Seal for nine years, serving many tours in Iraq and Afghanistan before his tragic death in 2017. An accomplished businesswoman, she decided to run for County Clerk in 2017 to bring competent, honest, and conservative values to government.

Tina is committed to transparency and honest elections. Those who are against her are afraid that Tina’s pursuit of good government and transparency could expose some ugly truths. Colorado’s Secretary of State even has gone so far as to try to outlaw election audits. Tina’s loyalty is to the citizens of her county, many of whom are demanding answers.


In May, Tina preserved a copy of her office’s Dominion server because she suspected that an upcoming system update conducted by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office could alter or destroy election data. If these data were altered or destroyed, future audits of Mesa County elections would be impossible. For this, the full power of government forces is coming after her with a vengeance to remove her from office and put her in prison.

Tina’s efforts may reveal, for the first time, what’s really inside the Dominion machines.


Tina and several other people are now being investigated by state and federal prosecutors. The cost of defending these outrageous allegations will be enormous. The Tina Peters Legal Defense Fund is Tina’s only way to vigorously defend herself and her colleagues—and keep fighting for what is right, to restore honest elections and preserve our American republic. Please join us in this fight to save a heroic woman who had the guts to blow the whistle on possible election fraud.

If we can save this brave patriot, it opens the floodgates for other whistleblowers to courageously step forward like her, so we can restore confidence and integrity to our elections. To get the truth out, Tina needs your help. Will you stand with her?

Help Defend Tina & Our Elections

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